fredag 25 april 2008

OER week 8

This week we were asked to find a video and show it in our blog. I found quite an interresting video on TeacherTube named Pay Attention. I did´nt find possibilities for cc on TeacherTube. However, there was information about copyright tips and notices. It made me wonder if I can show this video in my blog?

Here is my own video clip - still not edited. I´m planning to add voice in sweedish and text in english..

2 kommentarer:

Erkan Yilmaz sa...

Hello Annika, impressive artistic effort with the faces. I found another picture here.


annika sa...

Yes - it looks like the same artist - it´s from the same park! There are quite a few sculptures envolving trees that have been cut down or partly cut down in Helsinki and I think the idea is rather good - some made by students studying to become sculpturers!