söndag 13 april 2008

OER week 6

This week we were supposed to take some pictures from our home town. In my case, this is Helsinki, Finland. I took some pictures on a building, former prison, now hotel - Hotelli Katajanokka. tried to get a dramatic angle because of the former use of the building... and also the now open gates.. I actually found many pictures from this part of Helsinki. In summer there are quite many old sailingboats sailing around in the archipelago and there is a big harbour next to Katajanokka where they dock.

3 kommentarer:

barbara.braun sa...

Hi - well normally I'm not overly touchy but to convert a prison into a hotel - well hopefully negative vibes don't stick to walls. Still interesting. The angle you chose underlines it.

barbara.braun sa...

you could actually integrate one of the photos in wikipedia or wikicommons :-)

Isä sa...

My first home in Helsinki was in Kruununhaka, very close to Katajanokka. I think these neighborhoods are some of the most interesting in Helsinki: same time bourgeois and liberal with a lot of russian, swedish and military history and influence. It is almost like Finland in a small scale. :-)