fredag 25 april 2008

OER week 7

This weeks assignment was to create and upload an audio file.

Well – this was not the easiest assignment for someone not familiar in the audio-world. Also a lot of downloading – it took a while, but with some help from google and Jasmine Frances helpful tips I got the work done.
Still, I had problems uploading my audio file to ODEO and it nearly drove me mad… Is this the easiest way to distribute audio files? I did not find the upload audio link AND the help-file was no help at all :( after a while my husband found the explanation - It seem like the upload function had been discontinued for new users…
so I changed to switchpod instead. After registering it was really easy to upload the audio file. Here is a picture from my window.

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Juha sa...

I just briefly visited Odeo and did move along luckily B-)

It is funny how we Finns cannot enjoy our own architecture?