söndag 16 mars 2008

OER week 2

Well, I finally completed this week´s assignment. I´ve been in and out in LeMill all week, trying to figure out what I should do there – how can I contribute with something. Pressured by the dead line, I thought I should work with something linked to another relevant project of mine. I am writing a paper for my studies about designing practical courses in virtual environments, and also trying it out in practice. The aim is to create a course in Japanese book binding, so I used this as a presentation in LeMill. I didn’t get that far, but I made an introduction and added a few links. My aim is to make a own demo video and also have a step by step slide show – I am going to publish this material in a closed learning environment (moodle) in our school but at the same time, with the same material use Le Mill and/or other open resources.

My experience in LeMill was positive, but at first a bit “scary”. I started out by trial and error, keeping in mind that everything could be changed and altered or even deleted ;) It was quite easy to use the system even without prior experience. I had to do some html-editing because some of the lines in the text didn´t follow the same structure as when editing…

With some help from Teemus encouraging words “Be bold, be very bold” - I was a bit bold.. ;)

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barbara.braun sa...

Found yours - I think you've done a good job :-)